Terms & Conditions

Site Applications:
  1. Site applications must be completed in full.
  2. A Non Refundable administration fee of $100 (Incl GST) must accompany all Applications.
  3. Sites will only be allocated to fully paid applications. Anyone arriving on the Show day without confirmed paid booking will be asked to leave the grounds.
  4. We do not hold sites without full application and payment.
  5. First come first serve basis – this avoids sites being left open on the day (not good for the neighboring exhibitors).
  6. Any breach of the conditions will see the trade exhibitor being asked to comply with the conditions. Failure to do so will result in the exhibitor being asked to leave the grounds.
  7. Strictly NO Dogs allowed on sites. Exhibitor will be fined $500 on the spot if dogs are found on their site.
  8. Trade exhibits will be subject to inspection and any requirements to comply will be at the exhibitor’s cost.
  1. All exhibitors must ensure that their exhibit remains within the boundaries of their site and exhibitors must order appropriate space for their display.
  2. All sites are uncovered on grass (please refer to the site map)
  3. Kumeu A & H Society reserves the right to request a display be removed if it does not fit with the space ordered.
  4. Amplification will be permitted at the discretion of the Kumeu A & H Society. Consideration must be given to neighbouring exhibitors.
  5. All pegs and displays must be within your boundary. Site holders to supply all they require on site.
  6. Powered Sites are available in restricted areas. Site holders must supply own safety leads.
  7. Written application can be made to the show manager to use own silent generator.
  8. All rubbish is to be removed from sites.
Site Number Allocation:
  1. We will start allocating sites from Monday the 4th February 2019. After this date sites will be allocated as first come, first serve basis.
  2. Please ensure that full payment has been made.
  3. We reserve the right to change site allocation without notice.
Food Vendors:
  1. All operators selling food or drink are classed as a commercial food site. We require a copy of your current food operator’s license (commercial). Original certificate to be displayed on your site on Show Days (for council inspection on the days).
  2. If applicable, please supply a copy of your electrical certificate.
  3. Please note that we have a limited amount of Food Vendor sites available.
  4. All sites selling food as part of a fundraising effort must apply in writing to the Kumeu A & H Society for approval. Sites distributing or selling food that without prior approval will be asked to leave.
  5. No Site is allowed to sell Carnival Foods e.g. Candy Floss, Hot Dogs, etc. as there is currently an exclusive license in place for these products.
  6. Please ensure you comply with the new regulation around food trading.
Powered Sites and Water:
  1. If a powered site is booked, exhibitors must provide their own extension cord. Extension cords for trade sites are plugged into generators supplied by the Kumeu Show with a maximum of 15 amps. 32 amps are only available on request.
  2. Please ensure all electrical equipment and leads meet the safety standards and are appropriately tagged.
  3. Exhibitors are to ensure all cords, plugs and fittings are safe, secure and out of the way of people moving about, and out of the way of water.
  4. Water taps are located around the grounds.
  1. In the unlikely event of the Kumeu Show being cancelled, the Kumeu A & H Society will refund the full application fee paid.
  2. The Kumeu A & H Society will not be liable for any compensation to the exhibitor whatsoever as a result of cancellation or postponement.
  3. Any money refunded to the exhibitor as a result of cancellation or postponement of the Show will be at the discretion of the Kumeu A & H Society.
  4. Refunds for exhibitors’ cancellation will be issued less the administration fee, if you advise in writing 14 days before the Kumeu Show. All tickets must be returned before refund is issued.
  5. If any Exhibitor cancels within 14 days of the Kumeu Show, no refund will be issued.

Trade Site Agreement Conditions

  1. No stall under the Side Show License Act to be allowed in the Trade Space area.
  2. All Trading activities must be conducted from Trade site purchased by Exhibitor.
  3. All Trade Exhibits to remain open until 5pm Saturday and 4pm Sunday. Strictly no One Day Trading.
  4. All trade Exhibits are prohibited from packing up before closing time.
  5. Vehicles parked in Roadways or Access ways will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  6. No Vehicles allowed on the grounds between 8am - 5pm Saturday and 8am - 4pm Sunday.
  7. The Kumeu A & H Society does not accept any liability for any damage incurred to vehicles/trailers whilst in their care.
  8. No pegs, signs or fences are to be outside site boundaries.
  9. No Dogs other than Competition or Dogs Allowed by Legislation are permitted on the Kumeu A & H Society Grounds.
  10. All sand / sawdust must be removed from the Trade sites.
  11. No sandwich boards or signs are permitted in thoroughfares.
  12. The Kumeu A & H Society does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to Trade Exhibitor’s property.
  13. The Kumeu A & H Society will pass on details of Trade Exhibitors to any interested parties.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct at the time of printing. No responsibility is accepted for any changes made subsequently.